Wondering if you should go into business for yourself?
Now, you can do that by purchasing our franchise!

First of all, what is a franchise store?

“A franchise is a business system in which private entrepreneurs purchase the rights to open and run a location of a larger company. The franchising company, or franchisor, signs a contractual agreement with the franchisee, explaining in detail the company’s rules for operating the franchise”.

Join our franchise system, and you immediately become part of a much larger, more powerful network than you could have on your own.

Never been in business for yourself? No worries. In our franchise system, you’re automatically privy to special training designed to get you up to speed with the ins and outs of the franchise. We will provide a thorough briefing on how to operate the business and conduct techniques particular to our franchise.

By purchasing our franchise, you’re buying into a business with a brand that’s already been developed, marketed and, most important, made familiar to the average consumer. Having a strong name attached to your products or services will help you get your business off the ground.

You’ll be surrounded by a support system that will not only be there as you set out, but will also continue down the path with you.

For more information please contact us by phone or email.

Contact Information:

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3090 Limassol

Tel: +35797826537 or +35725251525